Zahouru, the Caravan Leader!

“Secrets and lies, they trade for a prize”.

Zahouru hails from Batta Rang, the City of Golden Sails. Its people are known for selling their grandmother’s last cup for a lump of gold.

If you want to cross the endless desert Negeb, there is no way around this city.

Zahouru is a wily caravan leader. The people of Batta Rang are salvagers, who mostly trade in odd ends and old artefacts recovered from the Dune Sea.

Resting at a campfire during one of his ventures into the desert, Zahouru meets a little girl from Slumber Deep, who travels with a strange little companion. Never one to miss out on a business opportunity, Zahouru hatches a plan: Maybe a strange creature like that could be turned into money one way or the other? Surely someone in Batta Rang would be prepared to spend a handsome sum to call such a rarity their own….

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