Wendimooks from Hivegard.

Look at these gentle hands, aren’t they beautiful?

How could we ever do anything bad with them?

My name is Niandra and I belong to the Wendimooks tribe.

Hivegard is our home.

And this is also the place where the old voice sings to us.

An old voice from the shallows of the earth. It is connected with all the memories of the world. And so we know about stories that have been devoured by oblivion elsewhere.

Stories of truth, stories of lies and stories of the first beings of this world. They were called the Alves and they were the children of creation, they embodied the purity of dreams.

And yet fate did not treat them any good.

The voice whispered it to us, the voice sang it to us.

And now let me also sing it to you. The old, beautiful songs.