Welcome – Our first blogpost!

Welcome to our first blog post! Our main goal with this blog is to open the doors to our magical world and keep you up to date with the latest news.

If you missed out on our weekly newsletter, this is a perfect place to come to and read up on what´s happening. The blog also doubles as an archive. Here you will get to know more about the main characters, the story itself and us as a team.

And that is where we start today, with a short story about Daniel, our founder, on how it all started.

Many years ago, when Daniel was just a kid, his grandmother handed him an old and special book. Enriched with magical stories, it kept him up all night and inspired him to create his own world, full of mystical creatures. When he later met Max, the other founder, and shared his vision about the magical world of Lumera, they immediately decided to go “all-in” to make this project come to life. Backed up by Maria, our finance expert and Lena, our illustrator and visual development artist, the company was finally ready to lift off the ground in 2018.

Since this is the first time for all of the team members to work on a game, there have been months of testing, drafting and failing. However, the hard work paid off and we are now finally ready to show you our work and to officially launch our social media campaigns.

Come and have a look on our website from time to time and make sure you follow us on our other social media platforms.

(“Hello” and “Farewell” in the Elder Tongue)