Oh, my good old Rumbatum.

Not only is he an entertainer, storyteller and a hopeless drinker, but he is also one of the few beings allowed to cross the boundaries of Slumber Deep.

After a sip of a strong beverage he often took a seat at my fire and told me strange stories about the old folk, the Alven children.

It is known that he had travelled all over Lumera, sat with the Ungeti on the stardome of Lonedale, played checkblade with the dunelord of Batta Rang and dined with the dreamless children of Draumnung Geta. And everwhere he spoke of the old stories.

But you must understand, a storyteller is only as forthcoming and full of joy as his audience allows him to be and as time wears down on us old people we tend to forget when nobody listens anymore.

And so it happened that he told less and less, and much of the old stories were forgotten.

On her journey through the Negeb desert, Elo will meet this strange Rumbatum at a campfire, and upon completing his twenty-first chug, he would start to talk…