Everything about developing our game. From the very beginning.

Biz, the little Yokai The little Yokai Biz became Elo’s loyal companion as he helped her flee from Slumber Deep the night the dark shiver came. See his first animation.

Scattermoons When they were still little sprouts, three sisters went to Thune’s grove to ask the Godess to settle a dispute between them:

Zahouru, the Caravan Leader! “Secrets and lies, they trade for a prize”. Zahouru hails from Batta Rang, the City of Golden Sails. Its people are known for selling their grandmother’s last cup for a lump of gold.

Yemenik “Take care and meet every creature with goodwill and love” – old Yemenik used to tell Elo. He is her grandfather, the Slumber Deep bearer of The Endless Waters, and thus an essential part of The Day of Renewal.

Elo Bryghtfire

One day Elo´s grandfather, Yemenik, mysteriously went missing. Confused and troubled by her loss, Elo had to follow in his footsteps and undergo the “Ritual of Renewal”, an ancient tradition.