Wendimooks from Hivegard. Look at these gentle hands, aren’t they beautiful? How could we ever do anything bad with them?

Slumber Crown – the ETERNAL NIGHT “Up here, in the heart of our forest, there’s only night.” The Slumber Crown is on top of the head of the great statue Thune in the heart of Slumber Deep. In this special place the Eternal Night has settled down, therefore the dreams here are of special kindness […]

RUMBATUM – THE DRUNK Oh, my good old Rumbatum. Not only is he an entertainer, storyteller and a hopeless drinker, but he is also one of the few beings allowed to cross the boundaries of Slumber Deep. After a sip of a strong beverage he often took a seat at my fire and told me […]

Knorrk, the tree herder When Elo embarked on a quest to enter the goddess Thune’s grove, she didn’t know that the place was guarded by a strange creature, the tree-herder Knorrk.

Biz, the little Yokai The little Yokai Biz became Elo’s loyal companion as he helped her flee from Slumber Deep the night the dark shiver came. See his first animation.